A text I sent to my daughter who ignores me

Text K tomorrow and ask him if you can call M and talk to Sam. And for sh*t sakes let me know you got this message. The kid’s struggling in school like you did. A text like “Yeah mom.” is fine

Yeah. I’m bossy. I’m about fed up with my daughter. She’s 22 and I’m bossy.

I feel your pain, I’ve been texting my son nonstop and no response, and every time I call the house to talk to him he’s asleep. He’s ghosting me.

My oldest daughter calls me every day, but I have a feeling that y’all are describing my future with my son. :persevere:

Yeah. My daughter had a good childhood until she turned 13. That’s when I started having problems. I was in and out of hospitals for a while. Right after my son was born.

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