A Start! ( In Cricket for those in the know!)

So we played our second game of winter cricket. Captain lost the toss so we had to field in wet conditions from a heavy dew. Ball was stuffed after four or so overs so we chased leather for most of the day. We have a lot of young, inexperienced bowlers so we don’t create a lot of chances. Still. They posted 225.

I opened as usual in the batting and started well. Batted at least 14 overs for a decent 22. Got out in a shite way. Played a hook shot and overbalanced and actually dropped the bat. Ball went over the boundary for what would have been a 4 but I was out for the first time ever in my cricket career hit wicket!

Gotta love a game you play for 6 hours and you find new ways to get out! :slight_smile:


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