A slightly technical question

What can i gather from this ? My internet connection has been really crap today i.e pages very slow to load , timeouts etc . I logged into the Wi-Fi of the cafe downstairs this evening , and now webpages are loading much faster .

Try phone your isp provider and see if they having technical issues !


I’m not sure what the following means .

The graph supposedly represents the number of people who have reported connection problems to your ISP over the past 24 hours. What I don’t understand is why the numbers are for tomorrow and not today. Perhaps it’s showing expected outages?

different country. Firemonkey is from your future.

I am not really sure what the heck is going on . My plusnet account is very flaky in terms of loading webpages .

However I am able to log in to the wifi of the cafe below me , and pages load quickly and smoothly.

I wonder if it’s your gateway? Sounds like the cafe is working well. Yours not so good. Not sure the answer to all that wifi stuff floating around out there…might be the new health crisis of the 21st Century.

I’d be ringing your provider and sounds to me you might need to update some equipment.

Phoned plusnet. Got a technical explanation I didn’t fully understand but it seems my connection is going on/off every 40 seconds. He also said something about noise.

Is your router in a closed off area in any way ?

No -it isn’t . It’s in my living room .

Cant you just wire up your modem to your PC if it’s not too far away ?

If not, might try reseting your router to default settings or buying a new one.

But this was posted 9 hours before I responded. Besides, the UK isn’t that far ahead either way. I don’t know what’s up with that chart, but it seems like there are quite a few people having issues.

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Thanks for your replies folks . A chat with a Plusnet tech person who did some things seems to have sorted it. He gave an explanation that went over the top of my head. Something about my connection was connecting and disconnecting every 40 seconds!


Glad you got it sorted. I hate internet issues. Were you using a computer by chance? If so, you might consider purchasing an ethernet cord for a more reliable connection. They even make some that plug straight into the computer from an electrical outlet on your wall.

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I was using a laptop. From what I can make out the local phone exchange had overcompensated for some problem or other.

This is the explanation I was given the other day. The fix they did worked till about noon today.
I’m currently using the Wi-Fi connection of the cafe below me .

Thank you for your patience.

Having tested your line today it appears the instability of the connection may be due to a setting being incorrect for the line.

The signal to noise ratio (SNR) is too low for the length of your line. The SNR helps the broadband to remain stable and unaffected by noise or interference on the line. The higher the setting for SNR, the higher the level of noise can be tolerated.

The SNR for your line was set too low for the amount of interference we’d expect to see, so by increasing this we expect the connection to now stabilize.

Please monitor the connection over the next couple of days, if this has not resolved the issue, we will then need to inspect your line in closer detail. We start this process by first performing some checks within the house to rule out equipment and wiring that may cause the problem followed by raising this to our faults team to test the connection further.

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