A Single Cup of Coffee

Here in the hospital I don’t get breakfast until after 8:00. During the week, my husband (who works in the hospital I’m currently in) brings me coffee…However it is Saturday so I would have to wait for that tiny little cup of coffee on my breakfast tray. So I got up my nerve and asked the aide if they had any coffee I could have in the nurses’ lounge and she said “yes,” and brought me a cup! Never been so excited to see acup of coffee! I love it when people do nice things like that. When I used to work in this hospital I tried to do stuff like that for people also. Now I’m so isolated, there is not much I can o or people. other than to try to encourage them online. But right now I’m grateful for this cup.


That was nice of her to do this for you - I love coffee too, can’t live without it. I hope your hospital stay is a good one, wishing you a speedy recovery - Wave


I’m sorry to hear your in hospital. I’m excited for a cup coffee all the time. I love that last gurgle of the coffee maker and the little click that lets me know it’s done.

I hope your stay is short and they treat you well while your there.

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Thank you Wave. I should be going home on Tuesday…to make a week here in total. The weekends are hard here. Not much goes on. I wish somebody would visit me…but I’m in the hospital so often that people just blow it off…They don’t realize how hard it is to be here for so long. My parents may possibly stop in but I am an hour away from their home and their health is not very good. Thanking God for my laptop and KindleFire.

Little things bring you happiness esp. while in hospital… :wink:
Hope you’ll get better soon.


I am very sorry that you are in hospital once again, locamotion. I know what the mental health ward is like… Hope you recover soon and look after yourself better after this stay.



Thank you Greenlife

Actually I’m on a medical floor. I have severe asthma and am in the hospital fairly often for that. I also have been in for joint replacements as I have three autoimmune diseases. But the medical floor is even more boring than the psych floor. At least there they try to provide some activities. Here there is nothing to do but lie in bed …I have a flatscreen TV here but I never watch TV…I wouldn’t know where to start. But I have my laptop and KIndle (which are NOT allowed on the psych floor) so in that regard it is better here
Thanks for you response.

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hope you enjoyed your coffee, may your cup ’ floweth ’ over with abundance of coffee and good health.
take care

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Thank you Darksith. I have to be careful about overflowing cups. I tend two dump them all over myself!!

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