A quote from a website

“We can stop wearing ourselves out trying to make and force everything to happen as if we were in charge of everything in the world.”

I came across this while looking for some A.A. stuff online.

It’s like weight off my mind. That’s exactly what I was doing.

Sorry if I’m not making sense :joy:


But that is how I survive. It’s fun.


Noooo. :smile: But having said that you must be doing something right with all those years of sobriety.

Why bore @77nick77 with terms like delusions of grandeur? He’s having a good time.

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That’s kind of a back-handed compliment. But that’s how I survive. It’s fun.

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Ok. I’m going to sleep now. See yall tomorrow. Same time. Same place.

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Thats a great statement @everhopeful I am glad you feel better. We can’t control the world or even change it much. It is determined to go its own way with or without us. Our job is to be ourselves hopefully clean and sober. We are in charge of ourselves to make a beautiful life for us and maybe someone. All that power you have been spending can now be used for good.

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