A quiet day with a cup of tea

recently I felt down because I was very disappointed with my ability of doing graphics design. I was hurt by myself. Today I don’t feel like doing anything but sat quietly browsing on internet.

I bought two Ceylon Teas four days ago and now I brew them and take a sip very now and then, letting time pass by slowly.

In this dreary day it’s lucky that I have some teas to savor.


dark sith fires up his spaceship and drags the sun over to where green6 lives.
hope you are feeling better.
take care


I’m sorry you were feeling sad today.

I was going to say… spending a rainy afternoon with time for contemplation and tea for comfort sounds like a really nice way to treat the day.

I hope your day gets brighter.


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take care

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Maybe you just need a break to recharge the creative batteries. Long holidays tend to be an area we tend to avoid but is essential for good mental health.

But anyway, hang in there! I’ll send some positive vibes your way and you will be in my thoughts.

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wish i could do that but i am in a lot of pain, my gut has flared up and its giving me a really sore back i can hardly walk sometimes, bending and twisting is a no, no and they are just trying to control it just now with gaviscon.

I am very sorry to hear about this, daydreamer. Hope gaviscon works out for you soon.

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It is afternoon time here in Nanjing China. Sounds like you are good at estimating the time for other members, J.