Not feeling it today. Anyone with me?

My husband is out of town.

I have a sinus infection.

It’s my special lady time.

Slept terrible last night.

It’s 9am and I’ve ■■■■■■■ had it!

I feel antsy, but too lazy to do anything.

Just an awful day.

Do you guys know what I mean?

What do you do on days like this?


I nap. Read. Bounce around my favorite sites. Text muh favorite person all day.

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Coffee. I had some extra coffee today and am now hyped up instead of feeling down. I’ll feel awful tomorrow probably.


Coffee sounds like a winning plan,

But being that it’s my special lady time,

That would totally mess with my stomach.

Other times though,

Totally would work.


Im just telling her to steam broccoli

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I woke up like that.

@jonathan2 recommanded a hot shower or bath. I had one, with nice smelling soap. I went to see my neighbours and had a chat. I served people coffee and was forced to be “happy”. I listened to music that made me more relaxed. I puzzled, which I picked up recently, and distracts my mind. Had a coffee too (sorry). For some reason, my mind snapped out of it.

If it is worse, I sleep. No matter what time.


Not feeling it for a long time. Foggy, extreme anxiety. Too much going on.

Had 3x coffee and trying to share to get things off me chest.


@freelunch getting flagged over steamed broccoli?


No, they posted to insinuate smoking pot and I am over the constant little pokes to the rules we have.

Indeed the wafting oderous steam of the humble brassica

Oh im sorry i will shut up and abide by the rules

For what it is worth, I agree with a lot of things but I have to abide by the rules myself.


I break out the comfort stuff, the top shelf coping deals. Mainly Marvel Box Set or the Simpsons on Disney +, or some Adult Swim on Hbo Max. I only rewatch stuff I’ve already seen when I need comfort.

I play games less because it’s too involved when I’m feeling bleh.

Hope you feel well soon. I have chronic pain that shifts with the weather and it was basically gone when I lived in the San Fran area. Got threatened by people with knives three times in two years though haha. Fun times. Me, the sane one, the schizophrenic.

Two of them were harmless and the third one I got lucky I think. I digress though.

me I am and haven’t been feeling up to doing anything or going anywhere just to have people gawk and stare at me was being ignored think I would rather be ignored sorry I asked to not to want to be ignored in my last post

My goal was to get up early, buy my soda supply at the grocery store then go for a walk at the park. I slept badly and then got up at 5:00 am drank two sodas, then went back to bed. I ended up sleeping in and getting nothing accomplished except I picked up a couple of weeks supply of groceries at curbside pickup. It’s only 11:30 am and I’m going to take a shower and try to salvage the day by going out but I don’t know where yet. I’ll probably just drive thru Jack-In-the-Box for a soda.

Back when I had severe depression and still had a uterus, I would watch movies and eat ice cream. Not the best thing to do but it’s what I did. Now that I don’t have a lady time, I talk to people on bad days.

I asked my son what he does when he is sad or grumpy. And what he would recommend someone who feels like that. He said: gaming or reading a book, so that the time goes faster. If you wanted the pre-teen-boy solution too. :wink:

Is today better already? What helped you?


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