A quick poem about dieting

We were playing with an autoharp app on our phone and came up with some song lyrics:

Dieters lament

I wish the skinny young people

Would jump in the lake

Leave us poor big folk

To enjoy our cake

I tried eating carrots

Oatmeal and bran

I think of these things

When I sit on the can

I know I should be healthy,

Wealthy and wise

But I just can’t help

Getting a side order of fries

Someday my waist will be half of my height

But for now I will love

Scarfing from the fridge at night.

All things will pass

A hundred years from now

And no one will really care

If I ate a herd of cow.


Oh yeah and here is the pretty cool autoharp app… it has a couple glitches on some devices but seems like they fixed a lot of things