A poll on children

I voted for: “I don’t have a child or children and don’t want them”

However, it’s not really that I don’t want them. Yes, I don’t want biological kids. But I do want to adopt an older kid, in the future. That depends on if I am better functioning, in the future. I want to make sure I can care for and raise a child.


Wow I’m really in the minority here.

I just want one, someone to help take care of me when I’m old!


Having a kid is no guarantee they will take care of you. Is that really a good basis for bringing a child into the world? (Sorry if I sound harsh!)

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I know that worry agent101g. lol. I am really hoping my nieces and nephew step up in that area :stuck_out_tongue: . Or maybe my younger sister.

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Hey man call me old fashioned but I want a spot on a recliner in my son or daughter’s home when I’m 85! I’ll have a good relationship with the grandkids!

And yes that is my reason lol. If they don’t, at least I could say I tried.


Would absolutly love another baby. You have no idea the pain i went thru losing my “dumpling” my beutiful little one.

This Daddy is a lost soul when it comes to beutiful babies. x


I don’t want small children.
Would live to adopt/foster a child aged 10 and up


Never had much interest in having a kid, and pretty early on I was (reasonably) self-aware enough to say to myself “would I trust a baby with a person like me?”, and the answer was a resounding NO. Not like I’m some malignantly evil person, but that level of responsibility I honestly don’t know if I could do it, and finding out the hard way is unacceptable.


I have never been a kid person, and i’ve never wanted any. I have no patience, i like my freedom, quiet and the ability to do what ever i want, when ever i want. Call me selfish, i don’t care. I’d rather not have a child and regret it, than have a child and regret that. Also, with my mental health issues, i’m in no state to have children.


I never thought I wanted children. I was in a happy and what I thought secure relationship and we decided to have a baby after he recovered from cancer. Four years after my daughter was born, we broke up due to a very unstable year of mental health for both me and my ex.

Three years later, my daughter lives with me again and she is my purpose and my life. I am so glad I managed to turn my life around. She literally is the most important thing in my life. I love her and don’t want her to experience what I went through as a child, so I’m determined to get this right. I made mistakes initially but she is a very happy, content little girl.

Being a mother did not come naturally to me, but I’ve learnt how to parent and tbh, I am proud of myself because it’s not easy when you’re not naturally maternal.

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Good for you! It’s not easy, I’m sure


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