A Poem: Success

How can I be happy
For a normies success?
A normie that would never
Care about my lack of success.


Other side of the coin, caring about others success, and not caring of your lack of it.

Sometimes normies forget about us, or they try to push us too hard, thinking we can handle what they can.

Pick a poison, sometimes we have to choose how to hurt.

Good one E.H., I wish you had more in person support, I wish you weren’t so lonely. If there’s any way I can help, feel free to ask. You’re a good man, I wish you the best.

Be safe dude.

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Again one interesting poem, somehow I think that people are so selfish that they do not care about anybody’s success, but their own success or lack of it. Interesting poem.

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I sure would celebrate such a success if it meant finding better sz treatments. Or cheaper icecream for everyone.

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