A Poem: Smart Soulmate

O smart soulmate, you are so smart,
Clever, innovative and wise,
So why can’t you find me,
Instead of the other way round?


Have you ever met a soulmate @everhopeful?

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The ideal behind a soulmate is that you find each other at the same time. It doesn’t seem like such a realistic thing with mental illness or something as serious as schizophrenia because the disease often destroys that first impression that people have when they meet. It ideally shouldn’t matter if you are rich or poor, your outward appearance, where you live, or all the things that people consider important in meeting their soulmate but most people look for those things anyway. Because in reality we don’t tend to meet soulmates. We instead tend to meet companions. True love survives poverty. Tell me how many of you are really able to live poor in money or in health or both. I have heard of such a thing as Medicaid marriages that have lasted over 30 years. I don’t imagine they involve many thrills because the money is not there but there is love there. I have seen people like former President George and Barbara Bush who don’t look like movie stars but have stayed together.after over 70 years. True love is not always beautiful in wealth or appearance. It’s something that transcends it and is difficult to find. I don’t know the secret to it really. I just occasionally notice that it exists.

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I’ve think I’ve met people that came close I guess… :smile:

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I found mine it was instant and mutual…withou her i would either be a hermit who lives in a tree or a suicide case i dont really know what path i would choose…i lile the poem and dont give up on it…just think kayne west found someone thats good motivation…lol