A Poem: Recovery

Recovery? I’ve gone from
Being the focus of
Everyone’s attention
To being almost invisible.


I know what you mean. Life before and after meds is like night and day. I wonder what my colleagues thought. I was holding a full time job at the time of my first psychosis. Didn’t quit though. Came back after they zombiefied me. I was so far out at the time that I didn’t even consider how this looked to all my colleagues. We were like 40 people in my unit. But I felt faded inside.

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I get some people’s attention. Other people’s, no. It depends on how much I put into the relationship.


Not always.
With some people it seems like all my good intentions and deeds fall into a bottomless pit. They never bother giving back.

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Maybe you should be fussier about whom you choose to give to. Are they focused?

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Yeah I’m learning to be more selective. Looking for early red flags. But truth be told I don’t often meet new people, and when I do I’ve started to let them come to me first. I mean, if they really wanna know me, let them go the extra mile.

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Woooo! I’m a cautionary tale!

Feels I probably won’t be taken seriously anyway.

Easy for the active and young to ignore a word of advice from those he may have insight.

Thank you dude!

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If you want help you don’t get it. If you don’t want it you get it too much

I know you’ve said something familiar. But this is how I really feel :+1:

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