A Poem: Mysterious

How do people get married?
How does it happen?
It’s a mysterious secret
And nobody’s told me.


… you know, son

in a few months or a year, you will start feeling weird sensations, as you grow older…
You will notice how beautiful girls are in your class and how they make your days brighter :sunny:

…and as you grow even older, you will want to be with a woman and then have a family of your own.
you know… kids are not brought by a stork as we see on television…



lol lol just kidding.

some people take marriage more seriously than others. i don’t, so that’s why i’m not married. if i was raised in a way in which marriage was emphasized, and if i really did want to get married, then i’d be married by now. or maybe divorced

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and then have a family of your own

If people just get married to have kids, then maybe that’s the secret… I never wanted children.

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Yeah in my culture… my friends say, why do you wanna get married if you don’t want kids? It is pointless.

I have friends who married only to have kids. I have a friend who married last year and they are a nice weird couple. Both of them can not wait to have kids. It is their dream, to make babies of their own.

It is the social norm for us. When you meet someone you really like and stay together for a few years, it feels natural to wanna make a family. Women I know want commitment


I’m picky. I want the best love that money can buy.