A Poem: Girlfriend

I think I could
Make it work with a girlfriend
So long as she had
An “off” button.


I need a girl in my life…i need a girl to be my wife. !!!

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I’m a girl with an “off” button… it’s called schizophrenia, lol cause it sure makes me off… haha, (got a boyfriend though, he’s about as “off” as I am)


Haha!! This is great!

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I don’t like this poem…
Discuss other things please in your poems @everhopeful

‘Puncture repair kit on stand by sir…’ (who gets this reference)

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Haha omg funny!!

:fearful: I wish I had an off button

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I have ‘on’ and ‘high speed’ buttons :upside_down_face: both are green lights


I’m trying to figure out what you mean by that

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Ha ha. Dont we all need an of butten for each of ower freands and famelys

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Girls talk a lot!