A Poem: Annoy

Get a girlfriend with strong religious
Or political or ideological beliefs,
So you can easily annoy them back,
If they annoy you.


Hahaha good poem…

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that poem pretty much sums up the relationship between me and my brother. lol


Which of you is the girlfriend with the strong beliefs?

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well he keeps blaming God for 9/11. take a guess.

Dam that’s like 9/11 times 9/11 offensive…

he doesn’t look at the good things in life. he just looks at the bad; which is okay, but not fair if he’s going to put God in it… : /

but yeah, I can’t talk about it here.

the magic words! I can now ruin your day with constant PMs.

just kidding. thanks though.

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I understand and if you ever need to vent about it you can always pm me…

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Me and my sister :frowning:

When I tell her I feel empty and depressed and do not want to live, she tells me you need to well I just don’t want to sound offensive - But she thinks I need to accept some christian stuff

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Nah you wouldn’t bug me lol…

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