A new painting of fruits

i painted a gift to my friends that have bin helped me a lot.
they love art and still life, well for me it is more a training for keeping my brain and hands worm
well i like it its fresh
i wish for me that people will tink to buy my works lol


I love they way you always get the colour right on white areas. The way you mix blues and browns in the shading works really well.


thaks- i see that you see colors or, notice tones that is very good


That is what I could never get right when I tried using paints, probably why I gave up on that as well.

I love the subtlety and grittiness of it.

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I love your work @ola! :heart_eyes:

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thank you, it is so nice for me to be appreciated :slight_smile:

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anf i love you back!, yes i know you said your work, but my work is infect…me.
so you love me :slight_smile:

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I like your painting ….

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That’s absolutely fantastic!

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I love the textures :slight_smile:

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Beautiful work @ola.

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I admire your talent it’s lovely colourful painting

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really beautiful

thak you so much, :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

hi you :slight_smile: the site wrote me that you haven’t been hear a long time, so you came back and made my day with worm words, thanks

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