A million bucks


Would you rather win a million bucks or $1000 a week til you have reached a million?


I would take the million. I could pay off both my mortgages and all my bills and be on easy street.

A few extra thousand a month and I would probably just buy more stuff. A plane, a boat, fancier car. More fuel for the rat race.


I’m going to need that million upfront.


I would take the million upfront so I could buy a house. I’m pretty good with money, so I feel confident I could save the rest.


I would rather win a million bucks than $1000 a week.


1000$ a week is a lot for life here in Thailand…


A million and I would buy a house.


Take the million. You can invest that, spend it and have some fun.

Go on take the money and run as the song used to say!


Why is it so fun to fantasize about having money, winning the lottery etc… when it’s not very realistic :slight_smile:


There’s a hockey thing that if one player gets 5 goals in a game someone wins a million dollars. Its not a common thing but it happened. He gets the $1000 a week. He didn’t get a choice.


I remember that. Patrik Laine scored 5 goals against the St. Louis Blues.


I would do 1,000 a week so I could deal with taxes and not loose my disability.