A lot of my relationships have been

Highly dysfunctional, if not outright abusive. It seems like I’m always being taken advantage of.

And in hindsight, even my “good” relationships have been marked by some pretty serious mental and emotional manipulation.


Sorry to hear that @anon2818416 . Relationships really aren’t for me anymore.

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Well here’s hoping your next one will be better. :+1:

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Keep looking, but be careful. Don’t get any joint bank accounts until you’ve been with a guy at least thirty years.

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Some people you may know and speak to in some context every once in a while. Some you may talk about personal interests and any needs you might have. You may plan to do things together. If you have family, you might count on them for important talks. That’s what relationship means to me.
I hope you won’t give up on relationships because some have been bad for you in the past.


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