A literal interpretation of ' shit '

you know when you have been on the farm when you look at the bottom of your boots and there is;
cow ■■■■
horse ■■■■
geese ■■■■
chicken ■■■■

thankfully no dog ■■■■ !!
g’day day from the star man.
take care


Lmao you have the right attitude in all seriousness

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Holy ■■■■!
That’s a lot of poop.
Got to go to sleep now.

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I learned when I was 4 it’s always the little-est who steps in it. Though I’ve never lived on a farm full time.

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Two guys walking down the street
Guy one “What’s that? Looks like dog poop!”
Guy two 'Hmmm feels like dog poop!"
Guy one “Smells like dog poop!”
Guy two" Tastes like dog poop, lucky we didn’t step in it!"