A kind of triumph

So I struggle with the bad habit/compulsion of picking. I’ve had a terrible time with it the last year with a rash on my scalp leading to little tiny bald spots where I’ve picked the hair off. I addressed the issue in therapy but he referred me back to the pdoc for possible medicinal help. The pdoc had some ideas but we had bigger fish to fry with the td. In the meantime I really searched my soul for reasons why I did this behavior and what I was getting out of it. I thought I was doing it to mitigate anxiety, but I would do it even on Ativan.

Finally I stumbled upon a replacement behavior, I simply press against the side of my toenails, causing a mild pain where the nail sort of digs into the side of the toe. It gives me the same relief that the picking did only there’s no damage, no risk of infection, no bald spots. My scalp is finally healed after a year long hell. The toenail thing isn’t yet a habit so I’ve easily stopped it and don’t expect to have to keep doing it. I’m glad that’s over.


Picking is a tough one to put down,

Good for you finding something that is comparable,

Yet less damaging.


Good going @leafy!


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