A joke from Quora

A tourist in Spain goes to dinner. At the next table, he sees someone eating something he can’t identify from the menu. He calls the waiter over:

Tourist: “Hi, can you tell me what that man is eating? It doesn’t look like anything on the menu.”
Waiter: “Oh, señor, those are bull testicles. Specialty of the house”.
T: “Well, I’d like an order of that, please.”
W: “Oh, so sorry señor, but there is only portion per night. We get them from the bullfight each morning. However, you can reserve tomorrow’s portion.”

He does that and comes back the next night. After eating he calls the waiter over:

T: “That was delicious, but why was my portion so much smaller than last night’s?”
W: “Oh, señor. Sometimes, the bull wins.”


I did not get it.Anyone can explain me the last sentence
“the bull wins”

He ate the humans testicles.

I hate this ‘sport’


:sweat_smile: 151515

I love how the waiter exclaims “oh, señor…”

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