A happy Super Bowl

Came home this weekend for the event :slight_smile: My symptoms had been bad all week and since I’ve been home they calmed down again. It’s been a relaxing weekend even if it hasn’t been productive. (Thinking about chemistry makes me sick)

Today I volunteered taking care of the cats at petsmart again and it was super fun because we got a new kitten who loved to play. Then I got to chill at Starbucks with a coffee before coming back home to tasty dinner of traditional Super Bowl appetizers (wings, jalapeño poppers, shrimp, chips, etc). Totally gorged myself and then had a fun silly time watching the game with my family. Now I’m heading to bed :slight_smile: How is all of your Super Bowl Sundays going??

Watched the Puppy Bowl with the dogs and they barked and jumped at the screen as usual. They had kitty videos for the half-time show with “Existential Cat” which was pretty cool.

Then watched the Superbowl half-time show. Was a little confused why Lenny Kravis sang I Kissed a Girl instead of Missy Eliot (it was a Katy Perry half-time show) but whatever.

Will watch highlights and commercials later. I don’t mind football, but I hate to listen to the announcers. Sometimes I just turn down the sound.

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Lol yeah the Lenny kravitz part took me by surprise as well. I’ve always wanted to watch the puppy bowl. Maybe next year. Super cute.

Oh it’s probably still on, they play it over and over again on Superbowl Sunday.

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I’m in Seattle… and I am SO glad our Seahawks didn’t win it this year.

Last year when they won our town was ridiculous with the fireworks… gunshots… screaming… horn honking… sirens… fires…

When they made it to the Super Bowl this time… our town was stupid again.

I’ve been hiding from the chaos. It’s over… finally.

Silence… :relieved:

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Wow I was rooting for the Seahawks because the Patriots are cheaters. Well, what ever makes you feel better. It certainly was a good game.

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Thank you for that… I admit… I’m proud of Seattle… I love my town. Born here and grew up here.

But that much banging and gunshot… and explosions… a bit rough on the nerves.


I totally understand. I would proudly trade cities with you. I’m from San Diego and we haven’t had a superbowl in ages. If we won the superbowl, I’d probably be rioting with everyone :wink: But I’d make sure no one gets hurt.

Hey cool I was born in Seattle! Don’t live there anymore but still have family there. I was rooting for the Seahawks…oh well. Can’t win em all.

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I slept most of the day. I get my days and nights turned around on the weekend. I totally enjoyed the game. It came down to the final seconds. I was for New England, so the game was fun for me.