I'm so on edge today

My day started out with my dad (jokingly) shaking me awake shouting “wake up” I had a panic attack because of this but my dad seemed to think it was funny. Also it hurt because he grabbed me where I’ve recently self harmed.

I’ve been on edge all day and now everybody is yelling at the tv cause of the Superbowl and it keeps making me jump. Also I think it’s making my voices more active.



The Superbowl is aggravating me, too.

Its loud and the crowd screaming in the background makes my symptoms worse.

We just have to put on headphones and be less sensitive, I guess,

The game has to end in a couple hours.

Sorry you’ve had a rough day with a rough start,

Try to decompress and prepare yourself for a better tomorrow.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that get bothered by it. My nerves are shot right now

At least tomorrow I should have the house to myself as long as no one is too hung over…

Everyone is drunk and getting all weird and touchy feely.

At least now it’s the half time show. So i get a break from people shouting “■■■■ the patriots”

I hope you get a break and time to unwind too!


Oh, gods!

Drunks are the worst!

Maybe you could go on a little walk outside or get out of there for a few minutes,

Does the mind some good.

I’ll get a break once the game is over,

And as much as I hate to agree with your obnoxious crowd,

Eff the Patriots…



You’re beautiful.Went through selfies today.

Thanks, homie!

I appreciate it.

Lol yeah I’m taking a breather outside

We will survive this super bowl!!

And its fine! I also agree about the patriots :joy: I hate them lol


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