A good Day!

So went and did some volunteering down the club today as usual. Did quite a bit and still powering on. I’ve had a good day! All this fitness work is paying off. Still plenty in the tank. Mentally I think I’m hitting a weird twilight where my symptoms don’t really bite as bad. I still have my moments but been doing it for a long time now and I’m getting good at getting through.

So. Today was a good day. It’s nice when existence is good. You have to enjoy these things!


Nice to hear! Having a good morning here, think I’m gonna slip the jogging shoes on soon.


I’m having a good night, here. Remembering being in love when I was in college. I had long since forgotten I was capable of being physically warm and inviting. A nice memory = I hope I don’t carry on about it like Adele sings, though.


Sounds like an awesome day! :blush::+1:

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