A different assessment of a mistake

Some jobs, if you make a mistake, you kill someone. A musician makes a mistake and he just sweats and works it out. No wonder I couldn’t het along with my doctor.

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Doctors figure you think you don’t fit in and are friendless. They are projecting. Sometimes their projections come true. That’s where we szs are,

Yeah, have you seen those musician who sweats slot, it’s ■■■■■■■ funny man…hahahahahahhahahahah

I’ve been one. Not funny. It’s good, wholesome work.

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I bet it is, you should try it

I can speak from experience, that being live on stage is an incredibly intense experience. You pour your heart and your soul into the music, and in return you get an incredible high

If you’re not sweating, you’re not doing your f****** job lol

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LoL, that might be true. Lol

He worked like a musician?

No. He couldn’t make mistakes. He was jealous of that. He was tense with fear.

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