A day to be idle

Today I can’t do anything serious because I am ill. I got this urinary track infection and was restless and uncomfortable. Have to lie in bed and do nothing all day long. I usually spend 2-3 hours a day studying or doing writing. Today I have one day off and just watch this forum or browse on internet.

This is a day that is justified to be idle around.


hope u get better soon hunni xxx

I hope you feel better soon @green5 take it easy and relax

I feel sorry for all those who comforted me yesterday because today is even worse: I had a migraine on waking up. It might be the side effect of the antibiotics I am taking…So today will be another quiet, unproductive and suffering day.

Take good care of yourself @green5. There’s only one of you.

Thanks Joanne, I am just being quiet…I am sitting comfortably in bed browsing on internet.