A Cure For Hiccups

Next time you have a bout of the hiccups, try this remedy.

Take as deep a breath as you can…hold it for a few seconds…then swallow while still holding your breath.

I swear it works every time. Give it a shot!


I just hold my breath until the hiccups stop…never tried swallowing, would be afraid I’d capture air or something…haha thanks anyways.


I maybe get hiccups once every couple of years. My daughter gets them about 3x/day and they’re LOUD.


Try this remedy:

Pee in a glass and drink it upside down. Works every time the pope sits on the fence.

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That sounds a bit extreme. I think I’ve read somewhere that the heart stops briefly during hiccups. Thrice a day might put a strain on her heart, in time.

Her doctor said to not be overly concerned.

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I eat a spoonful of peanut butter. Works for me

Shocking your diaphragm helps. I taste a bit of sugar and then a splash of lemon.

i just drink some water and then it goes away usually.

Having someone scare you will work too. Of course, that’s not always available.

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