A bug just ran

across me. it’s gone. Can’t see what kind.


Glad it’s gone.

I saw a dragonfly today. First time in my life that I saw one.

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IMO, the worst is when a spider drops down on you. Even if it’s just a little spider. This has happened to me when I’m sitting on the sofa. Boy can I ever jump up off the sofa fast when that happens.

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Hey Pob, Have you written any poetry lately?

There’s power in the tiny.

no. thanks for reminding me. I was just. thinking about checking out the creative board.

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Dragonflies are beautiful

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Used to rent a room in this couples house. For a while I would go to bed at night and be half asleep and feel like something was on my face but it would go away and I didn’t know if I was imagining it. It was happening every other night for a couple weeks. Finally, I woke up one night and felt something on my face and turned on the light and saw a huge black bug fall off my face and run off my bed. Interestingly enough, that was the last night it ever happened. So I know how you feel.


I’m hoping it wasn’t a roach.

You should see dragonfly’s mating, they form a heart…ahhhhh, lol :heart:

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That’s what all those joints are for

just hope it wasn’t a roach. There’s power in numbers

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