A "brain training" Smartphone/tablet/ipad game developed in Britain may improve the memory of patients with schizophrenia

I don’t have a computer I only have my iPhone 6 with 64GB it works well as a replacement and better than spending on a MacBook Pro. The only annoyance is battery life no keyboard and small screen for larger projects like novels and games. I would really like to get this app!

It’s available for the iPhone as it’s downloadable from iTunes.

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Day 3:

Day 4:

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Seems like things are going really well. Thanks for the update!

I am up to doing eight card sets in the Cambridge University Memory Training module now. There is definitely progress over the two weeks that I have been doing it. I’m having no problems with episodic recall - it’s been a while since I have forgotten keys or appointments - and I am getting vastly improved visual dream recall as well. It has been interesting. I am noticing my instant recall is still weak, it often takes 2-3 tries to get a correct full circle of cards.

Anyway eight cards is the first unlocked set of extra rewards, with 30 normal rewards before it which you get one per day. So I think it is normally encountered between 20-30 days in, which means I am progressing quite rapidly. I intend to do at least the complete month of training, and may do a second month.

On the main Peak app I am progressing steadily, around the 50th percentile in most things except problem solving and memory, where I am around the 60th percentile. This i see more as a long term thing, although I notice action speed is a limiting factor in score in many games and that really doesn’t interest me. Hammering the buttons to get the high score is so old school.


This sounds really good. Have you tried Sarcosine too? I’m very interested to see some real and precise tests of memory (that this game seems to provide) for people who are on sarcosine.

Congrats you are doing good and working hard. It will end up paying dividends!

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Day 6:


I’m now in the 50th or 60th percentile for memory on lumosity. I am improving.


The thing is, can you hold on to improvements made? My feeling is that if they are temporary and my scores drop after a while, then it’s not worthwhile. But from what I’ve seen so far of people’s long term records, most of the improvements are lasting.

I’ve started a discussion with Peak about the number of games they have which involve a race-against-the-clock component. I feel those stress reflexes, reaction speed, nerves, and performance under pressure more than true memory or focus or mental agility.

But great stuff astefano, good to see you improving, you obviously have a good brain!

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I take sarcosine and did the poll. I noticed improvement.

Thats great. What I’m specifically interested in is if people see a difference in how they perform using these memory games - when they are using Sarcosine and when they are not.

Can you please do a test where for three days you do the memory games with sarcosine, and three days without - and let us know the results?

It may not work because even when you’re practicing without sarcosine you’re still perhaps getting better - but maybe not…

Day 7. It’s all about practicing and focusing. I think I can eventually hit 90% if I try hard. I don’t think this relates to iq and memory. Personally, my memory feels like ■■■■ still. I think I have poor recall, poor verbal, and possibly poor long term. The test is biased towards visual people. I would fail if it tested auditory intelligence. It also doesn’t test complex problems as I used to be able to solve complex problems. Now I struggle to do math and problem. My iq fell like 10-20 points compared to before schizophrenia onset.

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I do feel sharper and more focused though.

Any difference in scores - with or without Sarcosine?

I decided to not stop sarcosine. Sorry. :frowning:

OK - I totally understand.

Perhaps someone else reading this can use the software for a while before trying sarcosine (reporting their pre-sarcosine scores) and then start Sarcosine and do the software program again.

I would say that is very true based on the little I’ve tried them . They would certainly underestimate the cognitive abilities of those who are not good in race against the clock situations. That would appear to be a fairly major flaw of such brain training games.

Have you guys tried the brain training app called Elevate. I just downloaded it. It seems really cool.