A black swan in avalon (poem)

How does the soft muted light betray
our life before life once histories
You can be anything you want to be
all you have to do is believe…
He said you remind me of your sister
I said she was a beautiful queen
He asked me about the pills
I said the medication helped me remember

A secret volcano erupts
and the shiny volcano rocks
are collected by a young woman with black hair
and shiny green eyes
she says, we could trade these
To the Roman soldiers for food and clothes
Make them into jewelry for their wives

at the edge of the Nile
the little orphan girl was her half sister
who is with the other women
who wade into the water
to collect the salt-clusters that wash up from the heavens
the salt when after a rain
and dry heat, has special powers
it relates to immortal life
a secret that no one knows but me
the secret relates
to the trinity and to more than that

to the bloodline
of m. magdelane and rome
and cleopatra’s sister
and a dream unknown…
that shall never be known.
about a boy

in a boat called moses
egypt and a king
and the first queen of isles
of avalon
atlantis and Greece
of everywhere I was heroic
heralding a truce
like Joan of arcadia
we are all connected to the nine
except I am the one who
refused to marry your heir
your estate

I am the one you cast off
who cut her hair
the one who you hate.


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