A bad dream woke me up

Me, my daughter and her husband were in a van. Someone was driving like my brother, but I don’t remember for sure. But the van was pulled over and the sliding door was opened, and I think my grandbabies were running amuck. Anyway my daughter was laying down in the van with her knees up, in labor. We were stopped at some kind of a little grocery store and me and her husband went in, and the whole time he was angry with me for the way I had handled something. I don’t know what. But I kept explaining to him that I did it the best I could under the circumstances. Anyway when we came out of the store my daughter was screaming. And then he was really mad like it was my fault. so I did something to the van and it moved and my daughter gave birth and we heard a baby cry. My son in law came out with a baby boy with a big head of hair and they were fine. I then said, see I told you everything would work out fine, it was the best I could do. Then I looked over and saw my daughter deliver the afterbirth. And there was a lot of blood so I said let’s get her to the hospital. The van turned into an ambulance and we closed her up and they left.

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Do you have bad dreams often ?

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