$60.00 for a lousy pair of jeans

WTH? This kind of crept on me without my knowledge. OK, here’s the old " When I was a kid" adage.
When I was growing up you got the best, most popular, most toughest jeans the stores had. And that would be “Levi’s”. They ran about $17-$ 22.00 And everybody wore bell-bottom or straight legs. None of this"boot cut" or “relaxed fit” or confusing stuff like that. I don’t remember that designer jeans were that popular except for a few brands. But back then we didn’t have a million brands of jeans. You wore only Levi’s to school and that’s just the way things were.

But I was just shopping at Kohl’s (very popular department store in California) online and now one simple pair of pants cost almost a $100. For a lousy pair of jeans that the color will fade out in a month and half. I guess this my pet-peeve. It’s some kind of raquaet alright.


It’s ridiculous. Material wears out really quick too. Well, for women’s jeans at least. Always get holes. Most of the time they’ll say it’s $60 but on sale for $25. That’s at shopko.

If you shop at somewhere like wal-mart you could get better deals maybe. I remember jeans being around 30 dollars. Inflation sucks.

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Yeah, the material is way thinner than it used to be too.

Losing like 50kg in a year was able to get off the rack at Kmart now. It’s like $25.00 compared to the bigger more expense something like $80.00. Frankly prefer the cheaper brand at Kmart than paying for a label.

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Nowadays a pair of Levis is absurdly expensive. I went to buy winter clothes yesterday, stopped at levis to check them out, and didn’t stay a minute. 120€ for a pair of pants, you’ve gotta be kidding me.

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I can’t buy my own jeans.

my mom bought this cool pair of blue jeans that fit so smug. but it was literally my only pair of jeans. I wanted another pair of jeans, so I decided to buy my own instead of relying on my mom. big mistake. ended up getting these baggy, uncomfortable, expensive, black jeans that I can’t even run with.

Next time I get new jeans, I think I’m going to just buy an exact replica of the comfortable jeans that my mom bought for me.

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I surprisingly enough got some nice fitting jeans at Walmart for like $19 or so.

They are very nice.

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I boycott Walmart, but I will shop goodwill. I was always told not to buy anything from kohl’s unless it’s on sale. And they have so many sales a year that you can just wait.

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I’m hard on jeans with my work, I get Rustler jeans at Walmart for about $23.00, they last about a year, I never go anywhere other than work so it works for me.

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I wear Wrangler from Walmart at $22, so I will not buy Levis at $66.