56 km bike today

Today I was riding my bike 56 km, from 8 am to 8 pm. Weather was fine. I enjoyed it very much! Visited some friends. All through my hometown.


56km ?! That’s a crazy distance. You must be super fit !

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1986 I was runnig with Ben Johnson and Calvin Smith 100 meter.


When I was a teenager I used to cycle 8km to my friends house and 8km back. I thought 16km was a huge amount ! :joy:


The reason why I did this today is, I sold yesterday my loved chair and I now have only uncomfortable chairs. I have a bad back.

What was your fastest 5k?

I don’t understand, 5k?

5 kilometres 1515525

:bike: :astonished:

That’s a long bike ride!

I never run 5k. Longest was 400 meters. I used to be a sprinter.

Today 35 km 1515


Hi @Andy64 …Quite inspiring. On a usual day I bike about 15 kilometers just to get around, but tomorrow I wanna exercise and do 30 kilometers. I live on an island connected to copenhagen. I used to drive around the island and that was about 30 - 40 kilometers.

Better to bike yourself instead of watching bike race (Giro italia at the moment)

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you should realize that cyclists and runners don’t get along, ha.

Hi @bluebutterfly,
I just put some km on top, so today exactly 42 km.
Yes, I like watching Giro, but better ride yourself. Since last year I haven’t got a TV so I can’t watch the Giro anyway.
My English is not so good, so I can’t express myself like I would.
Copenhagen must be very nice, the Baltic Sea.

You are doing fine on english, besides that people here are very tolerant when we, foreigners, can’t express ourselves correctly.

Copenhagen is a nice city, and a bit boring, that suits me fine.

I wish to see more of Germany. I have been in Berlin of course, and the north of Germany, but i would like to see the south, and the mountains.

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