5 weeks post Invega

I’m about 5 weeks out from quitting my shot. Feel a lot better mentally. Haven’t had any rebound symptoms this time. I take Abilify 10mg. Still a little unmotivated but getting past that. Its been a long road, but i think i can maintain with less meds now.


Best of luck. I hope it works out.


I hope your transition continues to go smoothly.

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All the best to you @DearZombie!

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I switched to 10mg abilify in May and I thought I was great! The reality was I was manic for 7 months and became delusional. I upped to 15mg and am feeling much better now.

Just something to keep an eye on.

I also had to quit my injection. I’m about 6 weeks in I think. Something like that …I have switched to abilify also.