3 weeks nicotine-free

Three weeks ago, August 31, I had my last cigarette.

I went cold turkey, no vape, gum, patch, whatever.

I feel like I’m doing okay with it, but I still get major cravings, like I’m having right now. I’m going grocery shopping today, and I probably will pick up a bag of Jolly Ranchers, or some sort of hard candy to pop in my mouth when I’m feeling a craving, satisfy some of that oral fixation.

I estimate I’ve saved about $200 on cigarettes so far, my main source of motivation. I’ve been spending around $300/month on cigarettes. I’ve cut back on alcohol, too, also to save money.


That’s awesome! I’m proud of you. Nicotine is hard to get rid of.



Making it three weeks is a big deal,

And long enough to feel it financially.

I’m proud, keep up the good work!


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