3 Positives #3

Only 12 but here goes.

I have a loving boyfriend who I love dearly and who loves me dearly.
He is a beautiful man I treasure.:two_hearts:

Got to see my girl.:two_hearts:
She looked well and enjoyed eating.

Got a good nights sleep :zzz: last night and took my dog to the park like a good mummy.

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I spoke with three loved ones on the phone yesterday and today.:two_hearts:

I showered and washed my hair.

I paid a bill.

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For yesterday

Met my boyfriend.

Had sweet and sour vegan chicken for dinner.

Saw the latest matrix movie and it was really really really good.loved it.

Watching a good film called infinite.
Mark Wahlberg is such a great actor.
I am able to watch all the actors so far and loving em n it.

When I took my dog out a man said “hello love”.
He actually called me love and smiled.
Sweetest thing ever.
Really appreciate that n him for that.

Got to see my girl.
Was a quick visit but I got to see her and tell her that I love her.
Hopefully I can have a longer visit soon.
I’m like only there five minutes despite that she’s my baby n favourite girl along with x dogs and despite that I miss her so much n love her more than I can say.
Atleast I got to see her.:two_hearts:

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Got to see my girl.
Was probably only five minutes but something is better than nothing.

Made rice stir fry.

Got a good cuddle.

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Got told my tyres are fu cked.
It’s good that i know so i don’t get stuck side of road .
Sucks because expensive and can’t afford it really.

Got nice food for dinner.

Got to see my girl.:two_hearts:
Can’t get to her now my tyres are fu cked.
Hopefully I can fix them ASAP.

Got my tyres fixed cheaper than I thought.
Someone has been fu cling up tyres in neighbhood or it could be my x.

Bought a few nice things and saw a bit of morgue.

I have franjelico and it comforts me and taste delicious.

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Dads bloodwork is really good so the prostate cancer is in check.

Little brother out of hospital. Looks like a hernia but ok.

It’s friday and had a productive week!


I passed my class with an A and the semester GPA is 4.0 so it increased my grade average and got me off academic probation. I re-took that class because I was struggling to figure out how to use the online system and getting back to doing class work.

I lost 50 pounds this past month from diet, exercise 30 minutes every day and staying active.

My brother and I are communicating better, and he is coming to visit. He has been really helpful with moving and with supporting me through recovering from pnemonia. Im still confused as to how sleep apnea can cause someone to have pnemonia or who I would have caught it from.

so overall things were getting better, all I have to do is not self-sabotage


Had a yummy green fruit and veggie smoothie today from a local vendor. Can’t afford them very often but they are really fresh.

I started using saline nasal spray every morning again to help with my allergies and congestion from the meds. Seems to really help.

Our cat was a lot more playful and cuddly today


Not necessarily for today, but some good things happening today and soon are:

  • Got new stickers for my hearing aids in the mail today
  • Going to a flea market tomorrow to get some vintage clothes, maybe some other goodies if I have the money
  • Just getting to relax for the weekend before I start my job :slight_smile:

I had a couple of sliders (i.e. small hamburgers) and a glass of 1% milk for supper. … Day treatment ended early today, so I was able to take a long nap, and because of that I can stay awake all night on my computer. … I think my cat is getting over her constipation.

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I drank some tea
ate some lasagne
I wrote some things on here

wrote a new poem, was inspired today to write for the first time in awhile Her Burning Empire. Her heart set on pyre to be observed by… | by Gabrielle | May, 2022 | Medium if you have trouble reading longer poems you can hit the “listen” button next to my name and it will narrate the poem for you…I use it all the time…

my paranoia and symptoms have been ebbing a bit…I cant tell what caused it i just had to move thru it…

continue’ing to attempt at quitting smoking