23 Messages of Hope for Those Starting Their Mental Illness Recovery Journey


I like this one:

  1. “Don’t get hung up on the concept of recovery.”

I’m not a fan of the whole concept of recovery from schizophrenia. I’d prefer if the focus was on coping with the disability.

You don’t tell someone with cerebral palsy to work towards recovery. For me, it’s the same with sz. I’m learning to accommodate my illness and not make it the focus of my life. I’m not going to ‘recover’ by thinking positive.

I don’t mean to be maudlin but for me the whole recovery thing sniffs of new age self help stuff.

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I have to say, I’ve never looked at it that way, @Pamito. Do you think you could elaborate a little on your approach? I find this stunningly simple and intriguing.

I tend to agree at some point, but at the same time, being recovery oriented has helped me more than believing there is no recovery.

For me what it means is, we try and fight and do our best to live with the lives we have to better ourselves and not to fall on the helpless wagon.

But I get what you’re saying, and I agree with it at some extent.

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Well basically, alien99, I find that recovery has become a vacant buzzword, to me.

Is we are saying that mental illness is the same as a broken leg, the broken leg recovers but schizophrenia does not heal itself generally like a bone.

By learning and practicing new strategies of coping I am improving my struggle with schizophrenia. Whereas recovery is such a loaded word which implies cure. And I can’t cure my schizophrenia.

Does that explain it better?

Yes it does. At the risk of blaspheming the going consensus on the forums, I’m going to ponder and consider this for a little while. Maybe this sounds stupid and maybe I’m currently rather obtuse, but I never looked at it this way before.

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Come to the dark side mwahahaha.

I have no issue with people always talking about recovery as it symbolises improvement but I like coping and growing more as terms than recovery.


I like your avatar, Pamito.

Haha thanks. I thought it was just a happy bird but when I looked closer someone had photoshopped human hands on to the end of its wings