2016 election and mental health

Curious what the 2016 Republican and Democratic Party platforms say about mental health? We’ve done the work for you. Read below to see where each party stands on treatment, funding, addiction and other issues related to mental health.


Jimmy Carter’s wife made mental health her own cause. She worked for our benefit.

was reading this morning that Trump wants to pass
legislation that would give families of adults with mental illness

more controls. How do you feel about that?

Not American but we have the same issue re carers right to know vs patients right to privacy. I do think it can be hard for carers to care and take appropriate action if essential details are withheld from them. On the other hand patients right to privacy is not to be sniffed at. Perhaps advance directives that allow for the relating of information in situations when a crisis is on the cards is the way to go.

Good question.

I’m pretty sure that goes against individuals rights, but I can how it might
help prevent a suicide.

It seems like our families are already involved. In January my daughter
took me to the ER and she was consulted and given the ability to make decisions.

I thought they might put an implantable medication ring into me of Haldol,
and when I said, No, my daughter abided, and the nurse.

That would probably be what’s argued but how much are individual rights to good health compromised by carers not being able to provide timely support due to things being withheld from them?
How is the welfare of the individual then positively served?

yeah. I always ask for the help when I need it, and my family knows I will.

But in early stages you might not realize you’re sick.

I didn’t mean to say ‘need’ I meant to say ‘want’