2 more years and i will own my home officially!

it’s good enough for me. i will live here until mom and dad die, and then sell the place and move, i am getting it 20k less than appraisal. so for a brief spell in my life, i will be a homeowner before moving into subsidized apartments.


no point in continuing to live here in my later years, the only way i would stay is if, my sister inherited mom and dad’s house across the street. otherwise i would be alone all the time.

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i hate the responsibility of maintaining a house lol. mowing the grass, cleaning the gutters, landscaping the yard, knocking down spider webs off the back porch. things pile up on me quickly. all my neighbors are busy maintaining their properties all day, they are all retired now and that is all they do.


I will inherit my parents house when they die, it is in the will, and I plan to live here until I die. I’m on disability so I don’t have any money but when I get older I will probably get a reverse home mortgage for at least half a million and live my older years worry free. At this point I don’t want to move into an apartment or condo or anything, I like living in my own house. I don’t mind the maintenance, it isn’t so hard. Cutting the grass is the main thing, I don’t really do much else.


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