1hr of recommended sz exercise is really hard to maintain

I have been going 10 days straighr to the gym. Those people that recommend for sz an hour of exercise must be crazy themselves. It is really hard to maintain it. Im conatantlt aching and exhausted

it doesn’t have to be an hour.

12 minutes of calesthenics a day. I used to do mine in front of a mirror, to see my progress,
plus push ups and sit ups.

and stretching afterward.

You’re setting the bar too high. It might help to “ease” into a training program. I’d start slower, and do 30 min every second day, until you feel you’re not being challenged anymore. When it becomes too easy, increase the weight resistance a bit, and increase the level of cardio (not sure what you’re doing for cardio, but eliptical machines have higher settings if it gets too easy). When that becomes too easy, go for 60 min, every second day. After a few months, then you can try for five days a week. This is just a loose guide… If you have enough money, I recommend finding a personal trainer to ask advice. They know a lot more than me.

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