)*)%^)*) 1 or 100 (*(^%(^(

Hello Once Again Forumers … ,

Please Stay Cautious in Your Seat , , ,

No Need to Esplode with Confetti … ,

Ok so Todays Lesson Shall Be Simplistic in Hopeful Thot Shazz … ,

Think of Eggs … ,

No Seriously ,

Think the Way they Look , Taste , Smell , , ,

Can You Kinda Actually Get a “whiff” of tha Eggs (???) ,

Can You Smell tha Eggs (???) ,

Does Even that Sentence Kinda Bother You (???) ,

Can You Smell tha Eggs (???) ,

Ok ,

So ,

After tha Whole Egg Ordeal How to You Feel (???) ,

NOW (!!!) ,

Try and Introduce that Lesson Simplistically , Openly with Someone You Love … ,

and Check out tha Responses … ,

Also ,

Perhaps there’s Something Saying , , ,

Perhaps thus Whole Schizophrenic Ordeal , isn’t within tha Lower Bracket of Percentage as Openly Shared to tha Collective Communities All Over … ,

Perhaps … ,


Think of Some New Secretive Safe Perhaps Fun Lessons and Share with Whatcha L.O.V.E. … ,

That’s an Order (!!!) ,

OF EGGS (!!!) … ,

Keep it Cool Yo Yo’s … … …

and also ,

On a Side Note ,

Get a Wiffle Bat and Ball … , “whiff” ,

They are Safe , Fun , Cool , and Neato … ,

if You Are an Aunt (OR) Uncle Your Nieces and Nephews Would Love to Play Wiffle Ball Witcha … ,

So Get Out there and Have Some Fun (!!!) ,

Side Note Over … ,

My Dad’s Going to tha Store for Egg’s … ,

He Always throws One Throo a Window After he Gets Home … ,

and e(Y)e’m (!) , tha One With a Problem … ,

BLARGH (!!!)

Shall I think of eggs when there is a chicken to be considered? How the chicken smells, but no one really thinks of how alive chicken smells, only the ones that have been cooked… and feathers are beautiful and comforting… so why think of the egg, but I suppose that’s what its about, where we come from and what we are presented as, not as what we are and us at the present, so look to the chicken for that’s where an egg comes from and that’s what will be left after the chicken is gone if it has left a legacy…

eggs, eggs are good for the heart, eggs, eggs they make you fa…

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@ATARI I got this! Thanks… :smiley: Beautiful…