Zyprexa and What

Which antipsychotics go well with Zyprexa for insomnia?
Not risperdal/abilify/seroquel.
My doctor mostly prescribes Newer medicines.

zyprexa itself if one of the most sedating antipsychotics, i dont think any of the other aps are as sedating other than seroquel

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Actually Im very afraid to try a New antipsychotic since most have failed.
But even 15 mg zyprexa dont help me sleep well enough. So i need to add something.
And i cant sleep because of SZ so it need to be an antipsychotic.

Avoid caffeine after 3pm.

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Why not Risperdal? Its the best med for me with no side effects at 3mg and I oversleep on it if I don’t drink 2 cups of strong coffee in the morning with breakfast.

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my doc gave me 5mg saphris once for sleep, it knocked me out

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It made me puke my stomach cant handle it.

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I dont Think thats the problem.

Only once?
Any sideeffects?
Gonna read about it.

made my entire mouth numb and made me sleepy that’s about it

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Ok. Did you take it Only one night?

He gave me a sample of ten tablets and I still have some left, I took it a few times

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Allergic reaction to saphris with me. First dose i swelled throat and tongue.

I can’t offer any help, i’ve failed or am allerrgic to everything, ad, ap, mood stabilizers, and sleeping meds.

Gotta say things are getting better and i sleep 5 hours now since starting the fentanyl patch with the other pain meds. Pain doc wanted to do ketamine and lidocaine infusion, but john and i said no ketamine cause unmedicated sz and i’ve never done any drugs.

He told me tripping balls would not be good for me, painwise awesome, but psyche no. I like this doctor he listened to me and knew what the hell he was talking aboout. He was in the intern class that diagnosed me with RSD in 1996, he kinda remembered me. You don’t get that a lot. Told me the doctor who led the program retired, but was laughing i still knew his name after 25 years.

Ok. :open_mouth:
sleep is bad for me. sleep phobia and voices and Used to sleep late. Bad combo.

I take zyprexa 2 hrs before I want to go to sleep and it knocks me out

I don’t feel sedated in the morning
Not sure about my current dose but I"ve been on more than 15.mg

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I know it takes a long time to kick in.

2 hrs for me…

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You’re completely correct. If there’s no history of substance abuse in this case then Ambien 5-10mg/night should help aid the sedating effects of Zyprexa. Because you are correct in that Zyprexa, along with Seroquel, Risperidone, and sometimes even Geodon are literally the most fast-acting, longest deeply sedating atypical antipsychotics. The danger here, though, is if any of those that I mentioned besides Ambien are mixed at a high enough dose, then respiratory depression becomes a major life-threatening concern. This more than doubles if she’s on a benzodiazapine andor an opioid for pain control. Sadly, there’s NOT enough reserch or independently run studies with large enough populations to appropriately interpret the outcoming statistical data which the FDA “relies upon” to “safely approve” these new antipsychotics. It’s scary but I’m not trying to frightened anyone I am merely explicating to you what I know to be factual as a former scientist and provider in the psychiatric medical community. ALWAYS be cautious. ALWAYS read the pamphlet the pharmacist attaches to your new medication prior to taking it for the first time.
I’d also like to suggest trying natural remedies such as melatonin. Sounds like it’s hard to induce REM cycles of sleep for you. Perhaps higher doses of Melatonin are with a try. I hope this helps. I struggled greatly with sleep for years. Ambien 10mg at night with klonopin changed that for me. But everyone is different! So please do your due diligence in research. It’s your best tool in preventing any harm from any of these toxic substances. Let us know how it goes!

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Hi hollister. Thanks for your comment.
Im gonna try a New thing and i Will update you in some Days.