Your topic is similar to

That is really helpful… In so many ways… It is a machine that instantly shows you topics that relate to yours… It’s like all the people that are in the same boat as you giving their opinion about your topic appearing on your screen as you write your topic. Really gets me in the mood to write lol.

Just a really good concept. Thanks, @SzAdmin.

Just funny if you look at it a certain way.

Sarcasm doesn’t portray well over the net. We need a font.

I actually type a word in the search first before I make a new topic to see if there is a relevant topic already made that isn’t too old to revive.

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@anon31257746 most of the time the topics that do come up have no connection to what your posting. Like nothing at all. By the time you’ve gone through them all it’s like meh whatever.

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lol I know this post is idiodic…

ambiguous it may seem… lol idk I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic…

Just me trying to act stupid I guess for no reason. Like how people get stupid deep when they smoke weed.

I only find my true intentions after it’s all said and done…

It’s weird how much people on this forum influence each other on a sub level. (another stupid theory)

Yeah, the “intelligence” of the software leaves a lot to be desired.

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son.Don’t listen to me. Just trying to be stupid on the internet. That’s what I’m doing… Good job for listening though.

Wow This conversation has left the atmosphere!!!

Sorry I’m so aggressive but there is no reasoning with this illness you all people are sick! And I am trying to help you… But this is ■■■■■■■■. If you don’t have the tools, you will never learn… Radical I know but I know now that you need to be taught. Someone has to teach you…

Everyday I ask for fights Kids are kids… You don’t understand what goes on inside these small children’s brain these skills are fresh inside their brains…

Nobody believes me but Someday you’ll probably just see that I am some ■■■■■■■■ kid that doesn’t know what I am talking about…

Sometimes ya gotta help yourself first buddy

A four day spiritual journey? Nah, I’ll pass. You are not my teacher. You are just another yahoo behind a computer screen to me. I’ve seen countless con artists and their ilk (including you) come through this site in the 7 years I’ve been here. You do not have some mystical insight, as evidenced by your incoherent posts. Go see a doctor and get on some proper medication, because you make absolutely zero sense. Get a grip.

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No you don’t see it This is what BEING IN THE MOMENT IS. Yeah I get mad! I guess it’s hard to force problems on to people but really I have truth I am just really frustrated right now! I’m sorry…

I can see reality completely fine it’s just I GET BORED!

Believe me I am no con artist look up inter voice…

Just you gotta change things around sometimes that’s all. See what people are really dealing with (Themselves)

I passed recovery and I am almost past the personal growth section I just want to help people as radical as that may seem.

Good for you alien99 you passed the test! :smile:

@phillippsych your not sound well at all. I suggest you look into that.

@anon40540444 maybe ignoring this post might help. Or go for a walk for a bit.

I can see fine don’t worry I was just testing you lol :smile:

But what makes you think I am a con artist yeah I do want attention! I can’t help myself… It doesn’t make me a con artist that is some delusional thinking right there. Talk to yourself like you want to be treated and you will see that you should be respectful…

I’m done with this ■■■■■■■■. He’ll go away eventually.

Sorry you should love me like you should love yourself…

“This inner child likes to defend himself by trying to get people to feel bad for himself.”

Discover common themes and you with be enlightened!

I wish you best of luck on your journey!

Guys he is 16 years old. Think about that lol. Many years to come! :slight_smile:

I know I am using primitive defense mechanisms but I cannot help it I get embarrassed.
Sorry. I love you man but I am just embarrassed.
Sorry If I offended you.
I can only defend myself…

When was the last time you slept @phillippsych?