Your all veryy convincing

But I bet male titmouses go gaga over breasts just like any other guy. Male rodents are all a*ss men.

How did you know that about me? Paranoia increased, level up!

I don’t give a ■■■■ about breasts go ask the guys I’ve had sex with.


Haha, I didn’t even connect what I wrote about rodents with your screen name! Totally accidental.

Paranoia: Begone!

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Man, I am SO craving a sleeve of blueberry fig newtons now! XD


i just read this whole post…what the !?!
:boom: i just lost some more brain cells…!!.. :smile: ouch!!
take care :alien:


yeah same for me. it started with figs and ended with titmouses? lol

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I think 40 hours without sleep has effected my writing. Because I actually like candied dates better then figs.
40 hours. I think I’ll change my last name to “Titmouse” .

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LOL Bipolar Bear! :smile: