You think you had problems

the Dr I swear sent me home to die, here s why, pancreatitis, with bleeding ulcer, her advice, take these pills and go three days with nothing but clear liquids only. and rest you colon. if you get dehydration go to the hospital. so here I am day 2 wishing the smell of food wasn’t around and hitting the restroom ever hour …….etc.


Sorry to hear that DrZen. Try to stay tough for just one more day.

Back in December 2016 I felt like I was being sent home to die. Yet here I am!

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Follow the doctor’s orders, but prove her wrong about dying.

oh no !! I am afraid for you …please take care of yourself.

You’re right. With all due respect, my problems ain’t as bad.

But then again losing everything I’ve worked for in the last four years isn’t much fun either.

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