Yesterday's chronicles

Yesterday I went to the er because my doctor and nurse are both on holidays and I needed my meds adjusted. My doctor before running away told me to stop taking 30mg of zyprexa cold turkey. While only giving me 100 mg of seroquel with the promise of talking to the pharmacy about tapering it up which he never did. He also said he was going to call me in a week and he never did so I called him and that’s when I found out he was on vacation. I didn’t know what to do and even though I wasn’t in an immediate crisis, I was still psychotic, and if I waited it could have escalated and then I would pose a danger to myself.

At the hospital they put me back on zyprexa at 5 mg taken three times a day. It seems to be taking the edge off and reducing frequency of symptoms. Hopefully once it builds up in my system I will stop having symptoms. I was honestly hoping they would taper up the seroquel some.

it took eight hours before I was seen by a psychiatrist. I was put in four different rooms. Seen a guy come in escorted by police and that same guy get pissed off that he couldn’t go for a smoke. Meanwhile I had my vape and I would sneak into the bathroom and get a couple hits in. The cravings were bad because I was anxious that they would keep me.

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I’m on 30mgs of Zyprexa, myself, only because I was having sleep problems, my pdoc adjusted my dosage so I’m taking it all at night. Are you new? If so, welcome to the forum!