Yeah we'll they cant get me to work for nothing anymore at least

it’s good now i have leverage. inflexible hours? no problems just dont take the job. not enough money? once again, it’s simple, jobs not for me. i guess they can find somebody else to break their back for crumbs, while “managing” haha. i may never go back to work again.

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Life is 90 percent preparation and 10 percent showing up, with schizophrenia its 10 percent preparation and 90 percent showing up.

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I’m willing to do what I can do, I guess.

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yeah go do your share of the work and see me in 10 years.

I guess I like having a car and gas to put in it. Sure, in ten years I may not have much more than you but in between now and then I’ll keep working and enjoy the spoils.

Sure, I don’t make a ton of money but If we’re judging on attitude alone, then IDK, I may come out ahead.


Maybe I feel inferior because I cant do anything for myself. Maybe that’s it. It’s not about how much or look at me sort of thing, but it’s about having pride and being strong, I guess.

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Honestly I’m not sure I like your attitude. You talk about admitting yourself for the convenience, and often post about the various places you’d like to move to because they seem nicer.

And it feels like you’re right now kinda taking a crap on people who have no choice but to work crappy minimum wage jobs.

If you for some reason can survive without working, then kudos to you. But don’t piss on those who can’t.

And if the reason you don’t have to work is you’re taking money or resources from parents or the welfare system, try and think about whether that’s fair if you’re capable of doing work, and whether that money could have been better spent elsewhere.

Part of being an adult is realising life isn’t all about convenience and the path of lesst resistance.


If one does have a job, it makes certain conversations with others easier.


no im just going to produce content with all my free time, books and songs. hey i worked your 12 years. your turn. i have leverage over employers now and not going to work for little and waste my life working.

not really the money, but just the opportunities

when they come along.

You do realize that the people who are working are not only doing their share, but also your share? It would be nice if you showed some appreciation for that.


not true i already did my share of the work, you’re just a workaholic and a slave to mannon as the bible says.

how would you feel about a nationwide workers strike day? seems like a good idea to me.

Yeah, I don’t live my life by that hateful piece of crap.

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I agree with @Pikasaur.

I have 24 years of work experience, and I consider myself to be far from done, have at least another 24 years to go before I retire.

You should be glad some people are willing to “waste” their lives working; someone has to work.

me neither, but don’t get all offended when i say something that goes different to you. you say way more offensive jokes you think are funny.

anyways if any of you were at the negotiating table with me. it would go nowhere in a hurry, im not going to work for a lesser life and don’t have to. it’s my way or the highway when it comes to being employed and being told what to do.

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