Xanax or other benzodiazapines


I take xanax 1mg twice a day…I find myself keeping it next to my bed and taking it right when I wake up. Then I take the second one in the late afternoon. For anyone else on a minor tranquilizer/anti-anxiety, when do you take it?


I have some zopiclone at the moment which i bought, i have only tried them to see how well they would work, if i take them in the future it will be because i really need them. I might buy some diazepam next, won’t be abusing a couple of my friends have benzo addiction and have had it bad, i won’t be going down that road but their fun to mix with alcohol, just a couple of course. Didn’t bother asking my doc for them, i don’t really need them, don’t like him he is the enemy and know he wouldn’t give me them.


I take Buspar twice daily - 60 mg altogether


I take the Xanax in the morning so I can get out the door and I have one with an early dinner so I can relax enough to sleep.


I take Klonopin every single day. I used to take it in the morning - 0.5 lately Iv’e been taking it in divided doses AM and PM because the Lamictal is a bit activating


i take diazepam every day nearly for my headaches as they r caused by muscle tension so i’ll pop two to make my muscles relax…and also for anxiety. my cat is on xanax to stop her marking her territory. seems to b working so far. xxx


they give animals xanax? lol wtf


yeah i know right? my cat has paranoia issues about other cats in the street so she pees by the doors and windows if they look in. she’s been on xanax for a week now and only two pees as opposed to a couple a day. i think it’s safe to say she’ll b on xanax for the rest of her life lol.


wow i didnt know that they gave chill pills to cats


I knew they gave them to dogs on fireworks night and newyears eve but I didn’t know about cats either till I took her to the vets and said I was at my wits end with her. Straight away she suggested xanax. I was like, Wtf!. But it’s working so far. Fingers crossed she doesn’t go off pilchards coz I wouldn’t know what else to mix it with!


They give animals that are a little off base other psych meds too, like Prozac and others


I take Ativan. Chills me out but gives me a weird feeling.


Well she’s gone off the pilchards so I’m gonna have to try some grated parmesan as she likes that. I guess it must taste quite bitter.


Parrots that will not stop plucking out their feathers are sometimes given Haldol to stop.


xanax is very bitter. I let one dissolve in my mouth one time and it was gross.