WTF am I sniffling about?

I’ve had so many people say nice things about me or do nice things for me. I was looking at old, old posts and man, people treat me so good here and my sisters and step-dad i know my faults and bad sides and weaknesses and still treat me good. I don’t want go home to the apartment from hell but right now I’m feeling grateful for what little I got. I think I’ll have a good night, I have a little money to spend so I’ll go wander through Target or the grocery store no matter how I feel and treat myself to something.


You’re worth love, acceptance, and kindness Nick, Please don’t ever doubt that.

I’m glad you’re feeling good right now!


Thanks @Ooorgle. That was nice and encouraging.

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Sour gummy worms are my go to when I wanna treat myself, what’s yours?

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A large diet Coke is always good in the morning, noon or night.

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