WQHD g5 odysey

will it wortk with my graphic card ? gtx 1070 ? @Aziz


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Yes it will work. Your card even supports 4K but gaming at 4K 2160p requires a stronger video card for some games like Cyberpunk 2077 etc I think it should be fine for WQHD which is 1440p 2560x1440.

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ok thanks for answering but i will not buy it now

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i have acer predator xb1 27 inch fhd. but i dont like its design

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Well your card can play many games at 100+hz/fps at 1080p but not at 1440p WQHD. Better stay with your current monitor if you want to play at over 60fps/hz unless you upgrade your videocard. I have a 2080Ti with an LG 4K 60Hz/fps monitor.

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yes i will have my gaming setup one more year and little more then buy nerw

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